What’s going on in there?

When it comes to your organs, it's really all about interconnected relationships. So most athletic-related injuries happen because there is an internal imbalance in the body’s organs.

You see, your organs have reflexes connected to every muscle group in your body. When something goes wrong in one of your body’s muscle groups, it tells a kinesiology doctor, like Dr. Brad, that there must be a significant weakness in one of your organs.

Low back pain? Athletes who struggle with repeated low back injuries often have digestive or kidney issues.

Achy knees? According to Chinese medicine, your knees are directly related to the health of your kidneys.

Tight hamstrings? This might be due to dehydration, constipation or diarrhea causing a colon issue.

Your muscle's relationships matter

Our bodies are made up of all of these amazing interconnected relationships. So, during this winter sports season, keep the athletes in your life strong and healthy by supporting their internal organs as best you can!

As always, feel free to call the clinic with any questions.

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