Caring for your teeth from the inside out

We all know to brush and floss after meals. And of course, we need to make regular visits to the dentist. It’s all part of taking good care of our teeth, right? Right. But these important practices only take care of the outside of our pearly whites.

What about the inside?

Would you be surprised to learn that complete care for our teeth actually goes deeper than the enamel? Even deeper than the roots? How about all the way to the stomach and other organ systems? Yep. That deep.

If our bodies aren’t consistently supplying nutrients to the teeth and salivary glands, we are fighting a losing battle. Brushing just isn’t enough.

Your organs keep your smile beautiful

The stomach has the important job of producing just enough stomach acid. We need that acid to help absorb the calcium and proteins our teeth need for constant repair.

A strong pancreas means the production of proper saliva. Eating healthy whole foods gives our pancreas proper exercise, which helps it produce appropriate saliva. The right kind of saliva means the right kind of bacterial growth in your mouth. These good bacteria actually fight off cavity-forming bacteria and keep them from taking over your mouth!

Guess what causes the wrong kind of saliva? Yep. Sugar. Eating sugar doesn’t directly cause cavities on our teeth, but it does reduce the strength and effectiveness of the pancreas, leaving it to produce cavity-forming saliva in the mouth.

Your teeth also need your thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands to be working efficiently. Together, they make enough energy and calcium to support inflammation control and tooth and gum repair.

And our teeth need healthy kidneys. Strong teeth depend on a strong kidney system according to Chinese medicine!

What this means for your teeth

First off, your best bet is to stay away from processed foods. Instead try to eat more whole foods everyday, like organic meat and fresh green veggies. Steer clear of acid-inhibiting and bone-building medications. It’s probably a good idea to see your Chinese medicine practitioner to keep your kidneys strong, and to see your nutrition expert to keep your pancreas running strong!

And don’t forget the dentist…

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