Your energy levels matter during pregnancy

Babies with chronic infections, weak digestion, allergies, slow development, and slow growth typically all have one thing in common—can you guess? These babies tend to be born to mommas who have lower metabolic rates and blood deficiencies. Blood deficient women tend to have more difficult pregnancies while women suffering from low functioning thyroid are often prone to have more miscarriages. So how can you know? How can you know if you have a low metabolic rate and not enough blood in your system?

First of all, blood deficiency is not the same as an iron deficiency. You can think of it like this: when the body has less blood being produced, your body has to decide where to ration and use the blood you do have throughout your entire body. Meaning, if there is a blood deficiency, lots of areas of your body will take a hit, because they are trying to function with less oxygen and nutrients.

So, if you're pregnant, this will affect your baby. Without appropriate nutrients and oxygen during pregnancy, the baby is often born with more genetic weaknesses, like weak digestion, allergies, etc.


What it means to have a blood deficiency?

Blood deficiency is a traditional Chinese medicine term that has no equivalent in western medicine. That makes it tricky for any doctor using western medicine, because there are absolutely no lab tests that measure how much blood you have in your body. So, this type of weakness in a soon-to-be-mommy (or a happily-kidless-Jane) can only be diagnosed through Chinese medicine.

And now for that thyroid...

The most common cause of a lowered metabolic rate in a mom is a low functioning thyroid system. If a mom’s metabolic rate is too low, then she might not have the energy to provide appropriate oxygen, nutrients, and energy to that little baby inside. Unfortunately, in our medical society today, lots of thyroid conditions are missed completely because appropriate lab tests weren’t done, or they were read incorrectly, or the thyroid condition is one that lab tests don’t pick up.

If mom’s thyroid is overworked and already tired out, it will be very hard for her body to support another life inside, which is why the most common cause of miscarriage seems to be that sluggish thyroid. A low functioning thyroid is so treatable, but it isn’t always treatable medically.

There's hope for that

Difficult pregnancies and miscarriages can seem like hopeless situations, but when mom is treated to increase blood levels and help out that tired thyroid, not only do babies end up healthier, but momma feels much better during and after the pregnancy. And that’s the best for the entire family!

What does this mean for you?

Have you miscarried and aren’t sure why? Or are you pregnant now and wondering if you and baby are healthy? Bring your questions to the clinic and we’ll see what we can find out. We may simply need to build your blood supply or strengthen your thyroid to set you and baby on a healthier path.

To hear a story about one of our patient's who was struggling to get pregnant watch our film short: Film Short: Hope for Miscarriages.