We look beyond protocols

Every natural practitioner we’ve met in the last few years uses protocols to treat their patients just like the medical community. Protocols mean the practitioner doesn’t need to spend as much time with each patient. This means each practitioner can see more patients in less time, which makes more money. Protocols are effective about 75% of the time. Our concern is that about 25% of people aren’t helped by protocols and fall through the cracks of both the medical and natural care systems.

At Hope Clinic, our team of practitioners choose to approach things differently. We want to specifically help the people for whom traditional protocols aren’t working. By using techniques across multiple natural health disciples, we work to find the right fit for each person. Working as a team of experts from each discipline, allows us to see faster and consistently more complete results for each patient. Our team’s proudest accomplishment is seeing that person who has fallen through the cracks again and again gaining hope and getting tangible results.

We collaborate across natural health disciplines

Each time we see a patient, we approach their body’s needs from the top four diagnostic specialities in natural health:

  • Functional Medicine
  • Chiropractic
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Homeopathy

When Dr. Brad applies functional medicine, he uses eastern medicine, homeopathic, and ethnic traditions as well as western diagnostics. We have seen this repeatedly make a world of difference for some patients who were not finding answers. When he uses chiropractic care, he doesn’t stick with just the technique he likes. He chooses to use techniques that work best for that particular person. Dr. Brad isn’t afraid to refer out to a chiropractor or other practitioner who uses a technique that may be more appropriate than what we can offer.

Wells has the unique ability to look at cases from both a Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine approach. He also has extensive specialized training in Chinese herbalism that few of his colleagues have attained. This means he can approach a case from different angles if it is not responding in a satisfactory way.

It’s becoming more common for homeopathic practitioners to use contemporary medical approaches in order to attain symptom relief for their patients. While this technique has merit, we would rather see deep healing than just covering up symptoms. In our experience, Sue is one of the few homeopaths who mainly uses a constitutional approach along with multiple other homeopathic specialties to achieve an individual healing response. This takes a lot of time and effort on Sue’s part. It's a very individualized approach and allows more complete and longer lasting results in the physical, emotional, and mental well being of each person.

We are committed to finding solutions for your body

Our practitioners at Hope Clinic have been collaborating, sharing knowledge, and working together to provide the best care possible for our patients for over eight years. The years of working together have shown us that this kind of multi-discipline natural care is only possible when practitioners are unselfish and open to new ideas and wisdom from other disciplines.

We all feel very blessed to have specialists in the top of their field of expertise who are willing to set their ego aside and work together for the betterment of the patient
— Dr. Brad

If you are a first-time seeker of natural care or even if you’ve experienced natural care previously, we encourage all our new patients to visit our Hope Class. During this hour class, Dr. Brad will share about treatment options you may not hear about from your current doctor. Feel free to give us a call if you'd like to learn more.