Your snot is pretty cool

Your snot is extremely useful for all sorts of reasons. It keeps the lining of your nose nice and moist and most importantly, your snot clears infections out of your body. When bacteria or viruses are killed off in your body, your snot helps to clear out that junk.

Let's say you blow your nose into a tissue (or on your sleeve...whoops!) and before you throw the tissue away, you take a peek at all that terrific snot you just blew out. What does it look like? What color is it? Believe it or not, these are important questions!

So here’s a little something every kid should know about their snot:

If your snot is clear, that means your snot is from allergies or a virus your body is fighting off.

If your snot is yellow, that means your snot could be viral or bacterial—or both.

If your snot is green, then that normally means you have a bacterial infection.

Sometimes a person has the mustardy, yellow snot. That means there’s been an infection hiding way up in your nostril for years that’s finally clearing its way out. This kind of snot tastes gross as you blow it out and it also smells gross!

Just ask Dr. Brad, he thinks snot is pretty cool, too.

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