Feeling a bit tired lately? You might just have mono.

We are most likely to get mono when our energy system is low and worn out and we are exposed to a virus. When the body’s energy is depleted, it’s much harder for our bodies to fight off a virus like they normally would. This creates a prime environment for a virus to waltz in and set up shop in your spleen. If you are already overly tired, stressed, or lacking energy, then your body is likely too weak to effectively fight off a virus.

5 ways to help your body fight off mono

If you’ve had mono in the past, your body is more prone to relapses. To help your body prevent mono, it’s important to keep your energy systems healthy (specifically our liver and adrenal systems). Here are 5 things to do that will help prevent mono:

  1. Get rest when you need it. If you feel tired, do your best to actually slow down and rest.
  2. Stay hydrated. Do you know how much water our bodies need every day? Find out more here.
  3. If you live in a cold climate, eat one bite of meat every 2-3 hours. This can really help to balance your blood sugar and keep your liver energy up (chicken breast works well!).
  4. Get some fresh air. Believe it or not, there are about 70% less toxins in outside air than air indoors. So bundle up and get outside for some fresh air to help clear your liver.
  5. Support your adrenal glands. Since we use our adrenals to give us energy when we are under stress, it’s important to make sure the adrenals are getting what they need. Wondering how to support your adrenals? Read on.

How to Support Your Adrenal Glands

Our adrenal glands need a healthy dose of minerals and B vitamins, particularly potassium, to run well and support the spleen. One simple way to make sure your whole family gets more potassium is to make potassium broth at home.

How to make homemade potassium broth

  • Take potato skins or carrot skins (hint: any kind of potatoes or carrots will work as long as they still have their skin)
  • Simmer skins in a crockpot over night
  • Add non-iodized sea salt to taste
  • Use the broth as a base for stews or soups or fill a mug and sip

Another simple way to get more potassium in your body is to get on a high-quality multivitamin that fits you. Otherwise, you can always ask Dr. Brad about how to best get your body the adrenal support it needs.

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