When you can't find enough time for a trip to the gym

Finding the time to care for yourself can feel like a real challenge. But here's some encouraging news, even just a few minutes of intentional self-care time everyday can go a long way for you and your overall wellbeing.

Eat a good, healthy meal. Go to bed one hour earlier than normal. Drink a tall glass of water. Practice deep breathing. Go for a walk. Get regular medical and professional care when you need it. All are great self-care examples!

When you feel a bit tight on time, here's a Dr. Brad-recommended full-body workout that will take you just 10 minutes! Do it at home in your living room or maybe even your kitchen. Have your kids join you or take a break from the house activities to do it by yourself. You choose.

10-minutes of self-care time starts here

Do every exercise slowly, but intentionally to a full count of 20. Once you are finished with one exercise, move on quickly to the next. You should definitely be out of breath by the end.

Once you've completed each exercise, pour yourself a tall glass of room temperature water and enjoy!

If you have any questions or concerns about this full-body workout, be sure to ask Dr. Brad in your next appointment.