Dr. Brad, Dr. Ethan, and Sue Mills all hold classes each month. All classes are located in the conference room down the hall from the clinic. Classes are every month! And free! Details vary for each class so read below!

class DATES

The Hope Class | Tuesday, November 12th @6:30
Total Health Workshop | Wednesday, November 13th @6:30
Building Immunity Class, by Sue | Thursday, November 14th @5:30
Homeopathy Class, by Sue | Thursday, November 14th @6:30

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Next Hope Class:
Tuesday, november 12th 6:30PM

People who have been stuck with varying chronic symptoms - START HERE. Find out the help options that you have, and get your hopes up.

For those that have been managing difficult conditions for so long left feeling like that is the only thing they do; manage to manage. Some have been told by healthcare professionals that there is no help for their set of symptoms.

This is what we see and hear. You are not alone. And there is hope.

Whether you are battling long-term symptoms, a recent health concern, or are seeking an overall natural care doctor who will provide well-rounded care for you and your children; join us. We offer health approaches that are extremely safe and effective for real results. Learn about treatment options you may not hear about from your current doctor or other practitioners you've seen.

Find out how you can help yourself right now—in your day-to-day life.

No need to register.  Everyone is welcome—bring a friend!

fee for dr. brad’s service

With what you learn at the The Hope Class you also receive a special discount on the 45-minute initial evaluation for $130.50, this is 1/2 off the full fee of $261.

A typical follow up appointment is $87.

Ongoing, if at some point a longer appointment is required for care, (if there is a new condition to address or if a patient has not seen Dr. Brad for treatment for over 6 months), a half hour is appropriate with the fee of $174.

Fee for recommended supplements vary.

WANT TO START CARE WITH DR. BRAD? the hope class is your first-step

This hour-long free class by Dr. Brad is a beneficial and a required first-step to begin care with Dr. Brad. Over the years, we have found the patients who start care by attending the Hope Class tend to get better results as they have a clearer understanding on the direction of care. This is valuable!

Patient’s appointment time can be better focused on current symptoms, changes and next steps versus going over topics covered at The Hope Class. There is time at the end of class to ask a few questions. For this reason and more, we want all patients to get the benefits of starting with the class!

Ideally interested patients attend the Hope Class and learn for themselves. But if you’re unable to come on a Tuesday - you can send someone else on your behalf. The Hope Class is a required first-step to begin care with Dr. Brad.

Wondering if dr. brad can help you, or someone you care about?

If you have a specific set of symptoms you are wondering if Dr. Brad might help with and would rather not wait to until the next Hope Class; call the clinic to request a phone consult. Dr. Brad's fee for phone consults is $4.00 per minute. He makes these call-backs in between patients, so let us know if you are comfortable with him leaving a voicemail in case he doesn't catch you. This brief touchpoint is an option for you as you try to navigate your next step!  We want to support you in finding the best help.

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WEDNESDAY, november 13th @ 6:30PM


The Total Health Workshop was designed as an opportunity to expand our understanding of the most current natural health solutions available. It is a relaxed experience, in which attendees are able to ask questions, receive answers and experience incredible demonstrations of one of the the life-changing techniques used in our clinic.

Fee for dr. ethan’s services

Adults must attend the class themselves to receive the discount. New patients who attend his class receive an 60-minute initial evaluation for $83 (instead of $249). A typical follow up appointment is $83. Ongoing, if a longer appointment is required for care, (if there is a new condition to address or if a patient has not seen Dr. Ethan for treatment for over 6 months) a half hour is appropriate with the fee of $166.

See the new patient paperwork on the first-visit page, bring in all supplements and medications you are taking to your first appointment.



We begin with a relaxed Q&A open forum allowing those in attendance to ask any health-related questions for themselves, friends, or family members. Every workshop is different depending on who attends and what questions are asked.

Additionally, Dr. Ethan will select members from the group and perform demonstrations so that attendees can experience first-hand what Dr. Ethan’s treatment looks like.

Our goal with this workshop is to show you how amazing your body is and how it is designed to heal itself.
— Dr. Ethan Skog, DC

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building up your immunity: HOUR one
thursday, november 14Th @ 5:30PM

Learn about a different way to educate your (or you child’s) immune system to prepare it for exposure to common diseases. Join us and bring your questions!

NOTE: The pricing for HOMEOPROFALXIS (HP) the remedy kit and consultations overseen by Free and Healthy International, this does not allow for special discounts.

thursday, november 14Th @ 6:30PM

SUE, Certified Classical Homeopath will cover how homeopathy works. Learn how with a constitutional remedy; your body can experience improvement from life-long struggles and symptoms, support for developmental delays, and emotional issues. She thrives on finding solutions to complicated cases. Homeopathy is a healthcare discipline that can lead to actual results where the body and mind can experience more freedom and ease. 

Adults need to attend this class themselves to receive the discount.

New Sue patients who attend this class receive an initial evaluation for $235 (instead of $295); this is a 2-hour appointment. See the new patient paperwork under the my first-visit tab.
Follow up appointments are 1-hour with the fee os $69. The fee for a typical remedy service is $32 for liquid, $12.50 for pellets. Cost may be higher for unique remedies and for combination remedies.


dr. brad’s cnsr class
better brain, better body.
saturday, january 11Th @ 9:00-9:30AM

Simply send us an email from the contact us page noting
you plan to attend to reserve your spot.


Life's bumps, traumas and injuries (even birth) can inhibit the hydration our brains need to function at their best. A “dry” brain can limit the flow of communication between brain and body, causing a number of symptoms and conditions. 

The good news, your brain can rehydrate. 

To clarify, we’re not talking about just drinking more water. (Though we always highly encourage 16 oz. of room-temp water before every meal, please and thank you!) Fully restoring brain hydration can require a very specific approach, known as CNSR (Central Nervous System Restoration) treatments.


If you’ve missed Dr. Brad when he’s been out of the clinic off and on over the last few years, you can now be glad. He’s been traveling to Texas for intensive CNSR training with the top CNSR specialist in the country, and he’s brought CNSR back to Hope Clinic.

For those who need CNSR, Dr. Brad applies a precise series of structural adjustments that improve hydration for the brain. Based on the positive and lasting results patients have been experiencing, Dr. Brad is now opening more of his service time to provide this specialty care. 


Come hear more about why hydration for the brain is key, what symptoms can be caused by a “dry” brain, how CNSR helps, whether it’s right for you, and what to expect from a CNSR treatment.

Attend the class to receive one CNSR treatment for half price. That’s just $89! (Note: The full price for the first CNSR appointment and any additional appointments is $178.)

Discover how CNSR could help you. Join us!

New to Hope Clinic?

Start with our Hope Class and see Dr. Brad first! This specialty treatment is for current patients only.


First-time patients the fee is $100, 45-minutes, this includes both the consultation and 7-10 days of herbs.
Follow-ups are $95, 30-minutes, this includes both the consultation and 2 weeks of herbs.

For first-time patients the fee for acupuncture is $130, and 90-minutes.
For follow-up appointments the fee is $85, and 60-minutes.
(There is an additional fee if including herbs.) There is no new patient patient paperwork needed.