Your body is too cool


Want to know one of the coolest things about your body? Every single part of your body can repair itself.

Just ten years ago, the medical community thought the brain stopped producing new neurons at a certain age. But more recently, it’s been proven that that just isn’t true. Your body keeps making brain neurons until the day we die.

Isn't that incredible? 

Which part of your body grows the fastest?

  • Your intestinal tract — It’s constantly changing and making new lining. Because your intestinal tract, especially your small intestine digests itself along with your food, it has to constantly repair itself.  It’s kind of like your mom making cookies just as fast as you eat them up.
  • Your hair — Next time you get your haircut, you can tell your barber that hair is one of the fastest growing parts of our body. Most people’s hair grows around a half an inch a month—that’s six inches in just one year!
  • Your skin — On average humans shed around eight pounds of skin a year, which means, if you live to be 101 years old you’ll have shed around 108 pounds of skin!
  • Your liver — Your liver is constantly making new cells. You end up with a completely new liver about every 45 days. If we gradually make small changes in what we eat, what we drink, and staying more active then we can actually clean stuff out of our body that’s not supposed to be there. Just like you can do a better job cleaning up your room when your feel healthy, your liver cleans up the inside of your body when it's healthy and taken care of.

Which part of your body grows the slowest?

While your hair, skin, liver cells, and intestinal tract are speedy growers, your nerves on the other hand are slow growers. A nerve grows about a millimeter every one to three months. This is why regular chiropractic care is so important. If there’s pressure on one of your nerves, we want to get that pressure off your slow-growing nerves right away.

Your body was built to heal itself. Now, maybe someday we’ll figure out a way to build toys that can heal themselves…

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