Bloody noses and why we get them

Are you a kid who happens to get regular nose bleeds? If so, this post is just for you. There are three common reasons why a person’s body tends to get bloody noses. The good news is there’s hope for even the most regular nose bleeders!

1. Your nose likes moisture

The mucus membranes in your nose need to be moist at all times. When that mucus gets dried out from air that's too dry or not enough water, a little bloody nose can occur. Best thing to do in this situation is to drink more water and get in or create a more humid environment.

2. Ouch, that hurt

If your nose or the area around your nose experiences trauma like getting punched or walking your face into a door, it’s normal for your nose to respond by bleeding. If something similar happens to you, the best thing to do is to pinch higher up on your nose to try to slow down the bleeding. Using a cold pack on the area can also help to get the bleeding under control.

3. Too much hormonal heat

In Chinese medicine, when a person consistently gets lots of bloody noses, many times this is due to a heat issue. This means the body is carrying too much heat and is doing it’s very best to try to cool off. Think of it like a release valve—the body is popping out the excess pressure or heat through the nose. To help your body get rid of this extra heat, we need to calm down the hormonal heat by taking the pressure off the hormonal system. With herbs and supplements, this is very doable!

There is absolutely no reason to keep living with regular nose bleeds! Give Hope Clinic a call right away to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brad. He will help your body sort itself out and put a stop to those annoying bloody noses.

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