Common signs of mono

It’s summer. So why do I still have...

  • a sore throat?
  • the chills?
  • muscle aches?
  • headaches?
  • ...and I'm just so tired. 

What’s happening in my body?

Truth be told, you might have mono. And you might not. Helpful right? Well, first we want to throw out there that it is possible to have the full list of mono symptoms and not be a carrier of the mono virus.

What exactly is mono?

Mono, or as it’s known in the medical world, Epstein-Barr virus is a virus in the body that overwhelms the immune system enough to wipe out the spleen. The spleen has a couple of important jobs, one being that the spleen is responsible for filtering the blood throughout your body. It’s the spleens work to find and then wipe out an any traces of viruses you might have lurking about inside you.

What happens if the spleen is weak and already overworked? It gives a virus like Epstein-Barr virus a better opportunity to march right into the body and do it’s thing. By the way, did you realize most American’s spleens are weak and overworked? Can you guess why? Find out here.

I have mono, now what?

In western medicine, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to fight off a virus. It’s true. That’s why if you go to see the doctor with the suspicion that you might have mono, you’ll probably get tested, find the test as positive, only to then be sent home with strict instructions to rest and take it easy... for many, many weeks.

But there’s another way! If your body is in need of a strong and healthy spleen to fight off a virus, then mono should be totally treatable right? Right. With support from specific herbal formulas focused on building up the spleen, approaching a virus like mono through Chinese medicine can have the spleen stronger within months.

I had mono a couple years ago, does that matter?

When mono goes untreated and the spleen unsupported, this can affect other health problems later in life i.e. a woman who can’t build enough blood during pregnancy or women with weak spleens are more likely to experience hypothyroidism.

If you or someone you love has had mono or is currently recovering from mono, this person needs to receive some sort of natural care with Chinese medicine. For mono, there are really no other options.

If you're still struggling with lingering mono or flu-like symptoms now that it’s the middle of summer, it might be that your spleen is in need of an extra boost. We encourage you to come see us at the clinic as soon as you can.

Also, if you’re a patient of Dr. Brad’s and you’ve had mono at some point in the past, be sure to share this information with him as it might be helpful with your own treatment.