You don't want to, but you can't help it

We all know we shouldn’t, yet still we like it and even crave it every once in awhile: that little sweet treat. But the honest truth about sugar is that just the smallest amount of it, even a few tablespoons, can overwhelm and deplete our systems. The bummer about sugar is, it’s just really hard on our bodies. Let’s be realistic for just one moment though, the sugar will still call our names from the pantry! So when it does, here are some Dr. Brad tips to help you out.

The worse time to eat sugar

The worst time to crack to the sugar-crave is before bed. When eating sugar before you head off to bed, your blood sugar level will become elevated by the inactivity of sleeping. This raised blood sugar level causes pancreatic stress whereby insulin levels will peak and create more yummy fat deposits in your beloved cells. Ugh.

So what’s a person to do when that little sugar treat calls your name?

Next time you break out the dark chocolate from the pantry, pair your sugar treat with a few bites of quality animal protein. Animal protein can help balance out sugar stress on the liver and pancreas.

Create new rhythms around your treats 

Or when you can’t kick the sugar craving, create a new rhythm in your home that when you eat something sweet, you eat something green. Sugar depletes practically every vitamin in our bodies, especially B vitamins, the water soluble vitamins, and this leaves our bodies very dehydrated after any size of sugar binge. But the greens can help you out. Because green vegetables contain B vitamins that boost water soluble vitamins in the body, those greens will help your body stay hydrated.

So you say you want a little sugar treat, do you?

Our advice? If you must eat your sugar, eat a small amount followed by some of your favorite greens or animal protein. And it wouldn’t hurt to slide down a tall glass of water.

Photo credit: Tom Eversley