Bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets, oh my!

These little stinging critters play important roles in nature. Bees make our honey taste sweet and our flowers bloom and grow. Wasps act as natural clearers as they munch away at rotten fruits. Without these insects our world wouldn’t be so tasty or colorful. But sometimes these little insects get spooked and feel like they need to protect themselves. Then suddenly, ouch! You got stung. That’s no fun at all!

Dr. Brad wants your body to start feeling better right away.

What to do if you get stung

  • Check your sting mark right away. Is the stinger still in you? If it is, ask an adult to help you by using a pin or needle soaked in alcohol to pull the entire stinger out of your skin.

  • Grab an ice cube. Hold the ice directly on your sting until it doesn’t hurt as much.

  • Lastly, use a clean finger to apply Calendula Gel on your sting. The Calendula Gel will help your sting heal faster and help you start feeling better right away.