What the latest cancer research is saying

The news seems to be full of new cancer research that continuously warns us of the risks of sun exposure without the proper dousing of sunscreen. There's more to sun exposure than just slathering on the sunblock! With a few wise and informed choices, you might just be the best defense against skin cancer your body will ever need! Yes, you!

Cancer is hard to study in humans, mainly because using independent controls on humans can get pretty tricky in the lab. Most studies done on the benefits of using sunblock to avoid skin cancer are funded and monitored by big brand-name companies producing sunscreen.

Could there be some ulterior motives for their research? Obviously, we cannot say for sure, but it is important to understand this fact when we take their research findings into consideration.

Animal studies, done by independent research groups, have contributed to some of the biggest break throughs in modern day medicine. Why? Because in animal studies, researchers are able to carefully observe control groups. And their findings are truly fascinating!

From the animal studies, we've learned that when animals are fed the typical American diet (a high amount of trans-fat and sugars and low amounts of nutrient-rich foods) are exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet rays), the animals have high rates of skin cancer. But, when animals were fed nutritional supplements, nutrient rich foods, and low calorie diets, animals were largely able to beat off skin cancer as well as other cancers, too!

Choose your food wisely

What does that tell us? Well first off, the sun will, most likely, continue shinning so start considering your diet and choosing your food wisely.

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We believe it’s valuable for our patients to be as knowledgable as possible when making health related decisions.

So, next time you hear new results about a recent skin cancer study, take a moment to evaluate the study while you nibble on a piece of broccoli. We, at Hope Clinic, want our patients to feel equipped and well-informed as you seek to make the best health decisions for your entire family.

Sunshine. There’s really nothing like it. You'd better pass the greens, please!

Photo credit: Markus Spiske / raumrot.com