Meet our homeopath, Sue

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Sue Mills is Hope Clinic’s very own Classical Homeopath. She graduated from a four-year homeopathic college and keeps up on continuing education each year to become, continue, and grow as a Certified Homeopath. Sue has been in homeopathic practice for over 15 years and has helped to train many classes of homeopathic students. 

We like her a lot.

Here's How it works

Homeopathy works to remind the body how to heal itself. It does this through something we call, a remedy. Since it won’t interfere with medications, homeopathy can be useful to support healing for just about any health condition. Some of the top surgeons in the world have acknowledged using homeopathic remedies to improve their patients’ outcomes.

A remedy is made up of a substance which is diluted in water until the dilution is so strong that there are very few or no molecules of the original substance left in the solution. All that is left is what Sue likes to call the "magnetic resonance" or the "imprint of the original substance." Because water is partially stable and changeable from an electrical/chemical standpoint, it seems to hold an electrical/magnetic impression of the substances to which it has been exposed. This becomes a “remedy” which can remind the body or support the body to accomplish something.

What to expect when you meet Sue

Sue practices Classical or Constitutional homeopathy. This means she looks at a person as a whole. So when you first meet Sue, she will ask you lots of questions about yourself like,

  • How do you look at life?
  • What things have happened to you in the past?
  • What are you dealing with now?
  • What do those things mean to you?

Things like that.

There are thousands of remedies out there, but Sue is looking for the remedy that will be a good match for you and your constitution.

What Does A good remedy match Look like?

A good remedy match will remind your entire body how to help itself. Your mind, emotions, and body will all be healing together. The main goal of a remedy is to see some emotional positives.

If a person’s had a condition we can trace back to early childhood or has a chronic illness that’s affected them physically, mentally, and emotionally, a lot of times, other therapies may not work as fully anymore. This is when homeopathy can be particularly helpful because it can support the place where the mental, physical, and emotional healing all come together. 

And that’s the beauty of homeopathy.

Want to know about how homeopathy can help your body heal? Check out our resources about homeopathy on here on the blog. Just type “homeopathy” in the search bar on your right. Or you can always give us a call.