Why is my hair falling out?

Hair loss is totally normal. On average, you will loose 50 to 100 hairs every single day of your life. Hair loss is one part of the healthy cycle your hair goes through.

3 common causes of hair loss for women


1.  Blood deficiency – It’s quite common for women, especially women who have at one point been pregnant, to not have enough blood in their body. Unfortunately, the world of western medicine has no way to measure the (volume) amount of blood in your body. Still, that’s why the only way to treat a blood deficiency is through supplements and Chinese herbs.

2.  Iron deficiency – Many women need to build their blood by taking iron supplements. A common misunderstanding is that any iron supplement will help your body build blood, but unfortunately this isn’t true. At Hope Clinic, we work with our patients individually to find the iron supplement and other supporting supplements that work best for their body.

3.   Thyroid deficiency – According to traditional Chinese medicine, having a baby greatly takes away from the yin of a woman’s spleen and jing of the kidney system, which are the two main sources for thyroid energy. If a woman’s thyroid isn’t properly replenished through supplements and Chinese herbs during or after pregnancy, this thyroid deficiency will continue to take its toll on a woman’s body i.e. unnecessary hair loss.

There’s hope for hair loss

If you are feeling stressed by any hair loss you might be experiencing, please give us a call here at Hope Clinic and we’ll see how we can best support your body. Treating hair loss can take some work and patience on your part, but there are solutions – and that is good news.

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