Last time you got the cough, how did you pass the nights? Did you endure the rib-shattering coughing fits or did you slide down a little cough syrup? Have you ever wondered how that cough syrup magically coats your throat to keep the coughing at a minimum?

Most cough medications bought over the counter only suppress the cough, which subsequently allows our bodies to drive the illness deeper inside. Unfortunately, these cough medicines work against our lungs and typically weaken them. Many cough medications in the past have been changed or taken off the shelf completely because they are believed to cause illnesses like pneumonia or even strokes.

So, instead of the cough syrups solving and treating our illness, they only suppress and bury the problem.

But guess what? There are other options to help with a cough. Even if you are taking a prescription, or if you’ve been told all you can do is “let is run its course”.

Specific Chinese herbal formulas break up phlegm while opening up and clearing inflammation from the lungs, yay! 

The best fit for getting you help for cough symptoms is an appointment with Dr. Brad or Wells Bovard.


  • If you are a current patient with Dr. Brad (treated in the last 6 months), call to get on the schedule for a follow up appointment.

  • Or schedule a new patient herbal consultation with our Chinese Medicine Specialist Wells Bovard. You may be able to get in the same week!

Both Dr. Brad and Wells can test and evaluate what is the best route to clear your cough and strengthen your lungs. With this kind of herbal therapy, the lungs are empowered to heal and help the body literally “cough out” the illness inside. Most people will benefit by having even stronger lungs when treated appropriately!

The patient services staff are happy to help schedule you to get the care you need. Call us at 763.537.5555. 

And you don’t need to wait until your illness is getting out of hand! We can help from the onset or if you’ve been fighting an illness for a few weeks. There is help for the common cold, strep, mono, the body flu and more. 

Let’s get you back to the land of the living.