You want to understand what we're talking about when it comes to your body, and health. We want that for you too.

Around here at Hope Clinic we talk a lot about organ systems, and their different seasons. Since these references aren't exactly coming up at a typical medical doctor appointment—or around the water cooler—let's take a few moments to explain things a bit.

What are organ systems? And what do we mean by "seasons?"

How the environment changes with each season has an impact on our organ systems (the various sets of organs that accomplish needed functions), affecting us both internally and physically in our day-to-day lives.

The changes in weather patterns—from temperature, barometric pressure, wind, humidity, to how sunlight and daylight shift throughout the year—all play a big role in our lives.

So yeah, us Minnesotans. We sure talk about the weather enough, wouldn't you say, hey?!? It's the talk because it's a big deal! Affecting how we do life, with an impact on our body; both inside and out.


  • The different foods we eat, our habits, and cravings throughout the year change. Certain foods are better or worse at different times of the year.

  • How our physical activity can vary quite a bit.

  • How we feel in our home --- it can be difficult to get comfortable in air conditioning, and the furnace air can be drying. Can be tricky to find our sweet spot.

  • Our emotional stressors are impacted by the factors in our environment. There are times we feel easily excited and over joyed, to more easily angry or anxious. To the tendency to feel down.

An organ system is not a reference to an individual organ, like the heart or liver --- but the system(s) inside of us which are constantly in flux. When one organ system has either more or less energy or flow; or if there is more stress affecting it, other systems are impacted as well.

Basically, our internal organ system is running on internal teeter totters. For those who like an image to piece things together:

Imagine the internal body as a playground—swings, slides, and balance beams—the play equipment is our organ systems. And they are all in flux, swinging, and swaying depending on the environment at any given time.

A park is already exciting left alone, now the kids show up to play, those being the seasons. And we get a new one every few months! (One of the kids honestly stays a bit longer than we would like...) Each shows up with their own individual traits and challenges ready to bring all they have to our little park.

Meet a boy named Summer. He's an 8-year-old and full of energy—The Mighty Jumper! He heads right over to the trampoline (the heart), with all his Jumper Might. Boing! (Let's say this little guy is Dr. Brad as a kid, since this pretty much sums up his childhood so well!)

This excitement at this time at the peak of summer can be a lot for the heart. At times it can feel like, whoa! What fun! But also, being revved up can be exhausting. The tramp requires more than usual from its springs to hold steady. It may need a hand from the swing-set, or call for help and the totter so it teeters on over.

So there's a (very simple) picture of a new season and how it can impact the organ systems. With this example of summer, the heart season; the real-life symptoms we can experience are vivid dreams, heart palpitations, headaches, irritability or anxiousness.


If we understand organ systems, (and our Dr. Brad has 20+ years of experience!) we can help the body function and heal more effectively. Yes, healing! Our body works out (like a strengthening exercise) during each changing season.

And in MN we get plenty of opportunities for the organ systems to grow!


Now, lookie here...we have a couple more kids (our next season) breezing on in to play! But don't you worry. It's Sue Falls and Chillout Charlie (aka lung and large intestine season). We've been expecting them and know what tricks they have up their sleeves. If need be, we are here to help you all get along just fine.