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Heavy Sweats, Hot Flashes, Fevers & Chills Case Study

Heavy Sweats, Hot Flashes, Fevers & Chills Case Study

Searching for answers

A 52-year-old woman visited Hope Clinic with heavy sweats/hot flashes/fevers and chills during both day time and night time. She complained of being completely fatigued and felt absolutely no energy. She had been hurting all over (neck, back, shoulders, spine, hips) for years. Her ears hurt at night and she was having difficulty with constipation. She had been getting headaches for two years. She had also been very dizzy for last two months and had a long history of Meniere’s disease herself and for generations in her family. The patient also had a long history of anxiety. She was diagnosed with Lymes’ infection two months before and had been peri-menopausal for three years (cycling every 3 months).

We used our team approach at Hope Clinic for diagnosis and treatment. The patient was diagnosed with...

How Is Hope Clinic Changing Lives?

How Is Hope Clinic Changing Lives?

Sometimes all the body needs is a little extra support

We believe every person who walks through the door here at Hope Clinic has their own, unique health journey. Our practitioners work with our patients to find the support their individual body needs at this time.

In this short video, a few Hope Clinic patients share in their own words about their experience of receiving natural care from Hope Clinic practitioners. From sleep problems, severe knee pain, chronic constipation, miscarriages, ADD, ADHD, ear infections, and kid’s common cold and flu, we continue to believe that your body has the ability to heal itself!

Watch this two-minute video to learn more.



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