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Who’s the Insomniac In Your Home?

Who’s the Insomniac In Your Home?

Whether you or someone you love struggles to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up feeling rested—this article is for you. 

Sleep Apnea and Stress Case Study

Sleep Apnea and Stress Case Study

Relief for a hardworking father 

A middle-aged man came into the clinic complaining of shoulder pain, overwhelming stress, allergies, sinus drainage, snoring, waking up numerous times through the night, and constant fatigue.

On his first visit, Dr. Brad found that he had a restricted airway most likely causing sleep apnea and decreased melatonin production. The patient also had slight hypothyroidism, an enlarged prostate, and spinal misalignments contributing to his shoulder pain.

The results of the treatment have been positive. It worked.
— a hardworking father

The solution was chiropractic adjustments for his lower neck and mid-back in order to increase nerve flow to his throat, thyroid, and shoulder. Specific nutritional supplementation was used to increase prostate, thyroid, and pineal gland production. Specific nutritional supplementation was also used to balance his brain chemistry and help him deal with stress. Specific acupuncture and Chinese herbs were used to decrease inflammation in his throat and open up his sinuses.

After two months of care, this patient has “no bothersome allergic reactions” and is now able to sleep through the night without a CPAP machine. He now has energy to exercise and feels that he can deal with the stressors in his life.

Hope For Chronic Pain

Hope For Chronic Pain

After living in years of chronic, unrelenting back pain, Sheila decided something had to change. So after a suggestion from a co-worker, she started looking for natural, alternative health options.

How Is Hope Clinic Changing Lives?

How Is Hope Clinic Changing Lives?

Sometimes all the body needs is a little extra support

We believe every person who walks through the door here at Hope Clinic has their own, unique health journey. Our practitioners work with our patients to find the support their individual body needs at this time.

In this short video, a few Hope Clinic patients share in their own words about their experience of receiving natural care from Hope Clinic practitioners. From sleep problems, severe knee pain, chronic constipation, miscarriages, ADD, ADHD, ear infections, and kid’s common cold and flu, we continue to believe that your body has the ability to heal itself!

Watch this two-minute video to learn more.



For first-time patients, we invite you to come to our free, monthly Hope Class.

Hope For Hot Flashes & Sleep Troubles

Hope For Hot Flashes & Sleep Troubles

"I came to Hope Clinic because I was experiencing hot flashes (20-30 a day), sleeping in short bursts of 1-2 hours maximum at night, and then awakened due to hot flashes and had ceased menstruation.

I was taking a pill form of progesterone and a cream form. I was experiencing lack of memory focus. I couldn’t carry through on projects and anxiety was something that was becoming a building crescendo of rhythm in my thinking. This had started four years ago, but had increased in intensity in the last year and a half.

I had a hard time convincing my medical doctor that I was in peri-menopause, and changed doctors twice in order to be heard. I then saw a PA who specializes in women’s issues and she took my FSH levels which ended up revealing I was definitely in menopause. She put me on progesterone cream and a pill. While these helped reduce the intensity of the hot flashes the anxiety and sleeplessness were still increasing.

I really liked how Dr. Brad, Wells, and Sue worked together with homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, herb,s and nutritional supplements as well as looking at the overall wellness of my body, mind, and spirit. I also appreciated Dr. Brad’s intentional-ness of care and answering questions about “why” and “how” the parts of treatment work together. So very helpful! Gradual change to my diet, vitamins, and current regime, felt do-able with Dr. Brad’s help.

I am now sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches consistently each night. My memory is beginning to engage and be more active. My hot flashes are completely gone. I have not had one for five weeks and I’m on much less medication. Anxiety is no longer overwhelming me and infiltrating my sleep patterns.

While I highly recommend the holistic look at our bodies, it does require some work of active participation with the change of diet, juicing mixture, additional appointments with Acupuncture as well as a commitment to engage with the process.

Dr. Brad is a great partner that invited me to participate with my body on an intimate level of understanding that went beyond just treating symptoms, and into the depth of listening and interacting with my body to bring about healing in a more natural way that allowed my body to respond.

Thanks so much, Hope Clinic. I respect my body more and am aware of how I can consciously engage with listening to my body."

- a wife & mother active in helping others heal