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Hope For A Teenager With Acne

Hope For A Teenager With Acne

Any teens and adults out there struggling with acne? Listen up! Your acne is one way your body is trying to tell you something.

Attacking Acne

Did you know there’s more to avoiding acne than cleansing the surface of your skin? It actually starts below the surface—way below. In your liver!

Too Much Sugar, Too Much Acne!

“Brooke! Brooke! I’ve got big bumps on my skin!” “Oh! Yep, you have acne.”


“Yeah, acne. Otherwise known as pimples.”

“Pimples?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

What To Do When You're Addicted To Sugar

What To Do When You're Addicted To Sugar

We all know we shouldn’t, yet still we like it and even crave it every once in awhile: that little sweet treat. But the honest truth about sugar is that just the smallest amount of it, even a few tablespoons, can overwhelm and deplete our systems. The bummer about sugar is, it’s just really hard on our bodies.

But let’s be realistic for just one moment though, the sugar will still call our names from the pantry! So when it does, here are some Dr. Brad tips to help you out.