Relief for a hardworking father 

A middle-aged man came into the clinic complaining of shoulder pain, overwhelming stress, allergies, sinus drainage, snoring, waking up numerous times through the night, and constant fatigue.

On his first visit, Dr. Brad found that he had a restricted airway most likely causing sleep apnea and decreased melatonin production. The patient also had slight hypothyroidism, an enlarged prostate, and spinal misalignments contributing to his shoulder pain.

The results of the treatment have been positive. It worked.
— a hardworking father

The solution was chiropractic adjustments for his lower neck and mid-back in order to increase nerve flow to his throat, thyroid, and shoulder. Specific nutritional supplementation was used to increase prostate, thyroid, and pineal gland production. Specific nutritional supplementation was also used to balance his brain chemistry and help him deal with stress. Specific acupuncture and Chinese herbs were used to decrease inflammation in his throat and open up his sinuses.

After two months of care, this patient has “no bothersome allergic reactions” and is now able to sleep through the night without a CPAP machine. He now has energy to exercise and feels that he can deal with the stressors in his life.