A little hope for your stiff shoulders 

Is your shoulder a little sore or stiff these days? It might be time for some safe and practical shoulder therapy exercises from Dr. Brad. These shoulder exercises are ideal for people suffering from old shoulder injuries, weak shoulders, or past shoulder surgeries. Use these exercises to prevent rotator cuff surgery and painful sports injuries.

As you watch Dr. Brad do these shoulder exercises, here are a couple of things to remember:

  • Do 10 - 20 repetitions of each exercise, 6 days a week until your shoulder is back to full strength
  • Move through the exercises slowly, yet intentionally
  • Use light weights so you don't overstress your shoulder
  • Make sure to do the exercises in this particular order

Interested in more helpful tips and videos? Watch Dr. Brad's 10 minute full-body work out or strength training at the gym. Always feel free to ask Dr. Brad any questions you might have during your next appointment.