Does the flu shot actually help?

The media and medical community have been making it sound as though everyone ought to get a flu shot. But does it really help? Is it really necessary?

If you find yourself asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive right in.

Should I get vaccinated? It’s entirely up to you whether or not to get the flu shot. Vaccines do seem to be effective at times, but flu vaccines are very unpredictable which means that it can be a toss of the dice whether a flu vaccine will be effective, ineffective or harmful.

Some facts about flu viruses. Flu viruses are constantly changing forms. When the virus infects a person, the virus takes over cells in their body. Then the virus uses some of that person’s DNA to produce a more infectious virus that can infect other people. This means that the virus strain is constantly evolving, adjusting and changing as it jumps from person to person.

So, the chance of making a vaccine to specifically counteract a virus is pretty slim.

Your amazing immune system

The latest theory in immunological recognition is that our bodies can recognize any natural genetic pattern on earth. Now that’s amazing! Here’s why: our immune system does not learn to recognize new antigens or bugs, but instead our immune systems already have the memory of anything they can be exposed to on earth! Our body just has to access the memory.

This means that, when properly supported, your body has the ability to heal itself.


There is no guarantee that you will or will not contract anything close to the type of flu strain found in the vaccine, but there are some natural alternative ways to protect yourself from the affects of flu viruses this winter.

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