a young athlete with a big heart

A sixteen-year-old girl came to the clinic with lower leg pain. She had shin splints the last two seasons of softball and felt the same excruciating pain going into this season. Up to this point she had tried medications, taping techniques, exercises, and ice with no lasting relief. The condition continued to get worse and was limiting her effectiveness to play.

After an appointment with Dr. Brad, he discovered that both of her talus bones were misaligned in her ankles, she had a misaligned pelvis, and her nutritional status was low.

Treatment consisted of pelvic and ankle adjustments twice a week for three weeks and then once a week for five weeks. We also taught this young athlete how to tape her ankles appropriately for her condition. Finally, we put her on appropriate nutritional supplements to aid in healing.

Within three weeks of treatment her shin pain was negligible and very tolerable. She was able to play the entire season with very little discomfort.