What shoes should my kids play in?

Green grass, warm sunshine, and dwindling school days means summer is almost here! It’s finally time for a good daily dose of exercise and outdoor play for your kids. As adults, when we think about exercising, we picture tying up our athletic shoes to go on a run or work out at the gym, but not so for our kids.

Kids exercise and grow strength by playing tag, crossing the monkey bars, riding bikes, swimming at the beach, or a whole host of other fun activities. That’s why making a smart shoe choice for your teens and kids is an easy way to help your kids grow as strong and healthy as possible.

How to choose the best play shoes for your kids

Backyard barefoot play is one of the best ways to strength your kid’s feet. Dr. Brad is a big advocate for encouraging kids to run around and play barefooted whenever it’s possible.

When you head to the park or playground, consider first if your kids are wearing shoes that will protect their feet and offer good support for their entire body. (Dr. Brad isn’t a big fan of flip-flops as play shoes for kids.) Growing up wearing well fitting supportive shoes is extremely helpful for kids.

The most important thing to be aware of with shoes is how they fit your child’s feet. Kids can grow oh-so fast and they may not notice if their shoes are getting too tight or if the edges of the soles are rounding. Keep in mind that Dr. Brad can test kid’s athletic shoes just like he tests adult’s athletic shoes.

Good play/exercise shoes for your kids don’t have to cost a fortune. Look for straight-lasted shoes, without all the bells and whistles. Choose shoes for your kids that you can afford to replace often enough to keep up with their crazy fast growth spurts as well as the wear and tear from extra hard playing.

Healthy foods for a healthy body

You know the absolute best way for kids to grow strong and stable feet? You guessed it, a healthy diet. The muscles in our feet are directly dependent on our digestive health to function adequately, so do your best to encourage the kids to be well hydrated and stay away from all the sugars and caffeine. Offer the kids a healthy, wholefoods diet, packed full of fruits, veggies and quality meat. This is the absolute best way for your kids to grow healthy, strong feet.