A natural way to help reoccuring ear infections

If you’ve been a parent for any duration of time, there’s a good chance you're familiar with this scenario:

“Mom? Dad? My ear really hurts.”

And what do you do? You take that child of yours to the doctor, of course. The doctor peers into your child’s ear and then announces, “Yep, it’s an ear infection alright.”

With the antibiotic prescription in hand, you take your child and the antibiotic home. And thankfully, a few days later, your child is feeling better and everything is fine.

Now, let’s fast-forward two or three months down the road to one late night when you hear a, “Mom? Dad? My ear really hurts.”

Here we go again, another ear infection! What’s happening? Why do some kids suffer from ongoing ear infections?

Find the cause. Fix the problem.

Statistics show that most ear “infections” aren’t “infections” at all. Instead most are simply ear inflammations. Antibiotics will only clear the inflammation, but antibiotics won’t solve the core problem behind the ear infection.

In natural health, whenever we see a problem the body is experiencing, we search for a solution by first finding the root cause of the body’s problem.

In Chinese medicine, we know the kidneys are directly related to our ears. If there’s a kidney deficiency in the body, we can use Chinese herbs to strengthen the kidneys.

Is your neck out of place? Proper nerve alignment in your neck is directly related to the health of your ears. An unaligned neck that goes untreated can contribute to inflammation in the ears.

Our emotional state can greatly contribute to the health of our ears. If a child is going through some emotional stress, like feelings of being afraid or scared, these emotions can trigger ear inflammation. In this case, we always encourage parents to take some time to understand what might be scary to your child. Also, homeopathy can be extremely helpful and effective in these situations.

Inflammation or infection? How do I tell?

Dr. Brad uses clinical kinesiology and a method called “alarm point testing” to narrow down what’s behind a possible inflammation. The goal is to identify what might be the cause and then to support those specific areas so your body may begin to heal itself.

When your child’s ear pain is an infection, one remedy we usually recommend is garlic oil. It’s a wonderful, tried-and-true remedy that will provide your child some relief while also treating the root problem of the infection.

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