Summer! With a good balance in the body this can be a time of balance for the heart and mind. Joy, calm, connection, and space.

This can also be a time of odd symptoms that can wear on us both physically and mentally.

After a run of hot days, we move into the time where the heart and small intestine systems are affected. While the small intestine can run really well with heat, the heart system can be overly taxed this time of year. Our digestion system runs on heat in the body, and our digestion mostly depends on the small intestine.

We digest faster and better than normal during this time.

At the same time, we can feel more joy and easily excitable. This can mess with our digestion. With an excess of joy we can experience manic symptoms.


  • feeling down or hyper (usually both!)

  • heart palpitations

  • sensations in the chest and mid-back

  • a busy mind (due to heart system excess)

  • abdominal pain

  • waking at night

  • skin rashes/reactions

  • difficulty feeling calm

  • sweating

  • nausea/reflux

An advantage of the summer season is it allows for us to go deeper in understanding what patients may need for emotional support or calming. Which means summer can be a great time for homeopathic care, NET, or other therapies.

We've had patients struggling with abdominal pain who have been relieved to skip the ER, without the need for abdominal scans (and the cost that goes with it), and temporary medication (with a big cost in side effects). They have found relief with the right nutrients or combination of herbs specific to what fits them.

We can help you experience more balance and relief from symptoms throughout all the seasons.


With Dr. Brad's techniques and treatments, you benefit from not only his expertise during each appointment, and his considerations of all you may need to get better. And what next step is best. He is always finding more options through research and connecting with health care professionals in the area.

People keep getting surprised by how great they can really feel.

Want that for yourself or a loved one? Start out with sending them to our next Hope Class so they can start feeling relief.