Already dreading cold and flu season? Well, we’ve got some good news for you! Keeping your family healthy this fall might not be impossible after all. Learn what you can do right now to help the sickness not get you later.

Notice the everyday little stresses

With school in session, kids and teens suddenly have new routines, new sleep schedules, new teachers, new friends, new foods, new chemicals they aren’t exposed to at home—this combination is stressful! When we experience everyday little stresses, our bodies will react by using high levels of very specific nutrients. The body can only go so long without extra support before it starts to break down.

Take time to check in with the organs

During the school year, most kids spend the majority of the day outside the home. This means it’s extremely important to get the immune system extra support now so your kids can fight off that daily dose of germs and bacteria.

Has your child met any new friends this year? For lots of kids (and adults too) meeting new friends can be exciting, but it also can be unpredictable. This means you’re body is working overtime to sort through what's going on.

Whatever the body goes through emotionally must be filtered through the brain. The brain is the one that has to decide what to do with every experience your child has throughout the day. Without enough good nutrients in the brain and a healthy nervous system it becomes really hard for kids to control their behavior and deal with an emotional situation.

A little maintenance now will go a long way

All these little stresses that come with life at school affect our kids each and every day. If they aren’t dealt with right away, these stresses will build up inside the body and eventually become days (or weeks) of cold and flu sickness. Ugh.

Instead of waiting and reacting when someone in your family gets sick this fall, start helping your child’s body deal with the everyday stresses right now. With a quick visit to the chiropractor, Dr. Brad can see how your child’s body is holding up so far this school year.

A little prevention now might just save your family a lot of time, money, and heartache in the coming cold and flu season.

Go ahead, plan your visit to Dr. Brad before it gets bad.

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