How to avoid sunburns


Your daughter just came home from the beach and her back is looking a little... well... lobster-like.

You sent your new favorite sun screen with her, you are positive she’s been taking her fish oils lately, the families’ diet has improved greatly these past weeks, and a tall glass of water seems to be her constant companion these days. So what gives?!

No matter how strictly one follows these helpful hints to assist the body to best soak in sunlight, it’s still very possible to over due it on the sun exposure.

Sun exposure in moderation is still the key. Be aware of how long you’ve been exposed to the sun; this is a good way to avoid sunburns.

Natural options to treat sunburns

But just in cases a kid or two (or you) return home looking a little pink-ish -- here are a couple of good sunburn options to keep handy.

Calendula Gel, a homeopathic lotion, is a great option for taking out the redness of a burn while also cooling the skin. For burns that look severe, USF ointment should be applied directly to the skin to assist in the skin's healing process.

Both Calendula Gel and USF ointment can be found at the clinic during your next visit. See you then!

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