What is pink eye?

Pink eye occurs when bacteria are infecting the eye. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver system supports immunity and healing of the eye. Treating pink eye with antibiotics in some cases will help for awhile, but usually the pink eye will come back until the underlying liver weakness is rectified.

Pink eye, the liver, and back to school

It’s not uncommon for pink eye to flair up for kids in the first few weeks after going back to school. Why is that? While it's true that in order to get the pink eye bacteria you must, at some point be exposed to it, there are many other factors to consider as well.

  • Emotions. Back to school can bring up all sorts of emotions for kids. Two common emotions for kids during the first few weeks of school are frustration and/or anger. Chinese medicine teaches us that the liver is greatly affected by these emotions.
  • Different foods. The start of the school year often means kids are eating foods their body isn’t used to. Processing these different foods can put extra stress on the liver.
  • Air quality. The transition from playing outdoors all summer to being in a school classroom a large portion of the day can be hard on a kid’s body. This different air flow or exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals must all being filtered through your child’s liver.

There’s no way around it, heading back to school is a big job for the liver!

How to help your body fight pink eye

To help your body fight off the pink eye infections, we suggest doing two things:

1. Kill the bacteria

  • One teaspoon of *Colloidal Silver
  • 1/4 cup of warm water

Mix the warm water and Colloidal Silver, then flush directly in the infected eye by holding an eye or shot glass tipped over the eye and blinking a few times. Repeat 2-4 times a day.

2. Support the liver

  • Depending on your child's age, 3-9 tablets of *AF Betafood per day can do the trick—this is one of Dr. Brad's favorite whole food supplements for supporting the liver.
  • Eat extra carrots, apples, and beets to support the liver.

Schedule a visit with Dr. Brad

Sometimes we see a patient who has a kind of pink eye that is caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria or by other infections such as yeast. I’ve see some patients who were diagnosed with pink eye and actually had either a physical irritation or allergic reaction causing the “pink eye”. This is why it’s extremely important to check each person individually.

If you or one of your little ones has pink eye, we strongly recommend you schedule an appoint to come see us at Hope Clinic.

*You can find both of these supplements sold at Hope Clinic.

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