Summer’s the best isn’t it?

Swimming pools, bike rides, play grounds, water fights—there’s fun to be had everywhere. After a long, fun day outdoors, it’s finally time to come inside. You take a quick look in the mirror, and uh-oh!

You’re sunburned. Like really sunburned.

4 sunburn tips from Dr. Brad

1) Run to the kitchen. Fill up a tall cup of water. You’re going to need drink lots and lots of room temperature water to help your body handle your sunburn.

2) Put Calendula Gel on the really pink parts of your sunburn as soon as possible! The gel will help pull the burn out of your skin.

3) Ask an adult to help you take some fish oils. You can take double the amount of oils you normally take.

4) Stay out of the sun as best you can for the next few days. Your body has had enough sun for a few days.

Feeling sick from too much sun? Find an adult and tell them how you are feeling.

If you have questions, be sure to ask Dr. Brad at your next appointment!

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