Hello cold & flu season

Has your family found it hard to kick the cold this winter? Just when you think it’s gone, someone in the family “catches the cold”…again!

Seriously, the cycle can be so frustrating!


Did you know that on a daily basis we encounter hundreds of viruses and thousands of bacteria? This means we don’t suddenly get the bug, instead the bug was always there inside us.

When we are healthy, our body has successfully fought off these viruses and bacteria everyday. But when we become weak enough or cold enough, our immune system begins to break down. That's when we get “the common cold”.

Why do we call it a "cold"?

The name “cold” is actually the perfect term. When our bodies get chilled, we get cold all the way through, down to our deepest layer—this includes our kidneys. And our kidneys hate being cold! Because the kidneys provide the energy and act as the base support for your immune system’s proper functioning, when the kidneys get “cold” your immune system will suffer. So rushing out the door without a coat, or forgetting a hat and mittens on these cold winter days can be a real problem!

The majority of the immune system can be found in the digestive tract. And get this… any kind of emotional stress takes blood flow away from the digestive tract, which weakens the immune system. Yep. Unresolved stress and emotions can make us sick.

It’s all about how you’re feeling

One great way to kick that nagging cold this winter is to find ways to get the emotions rumbling around inside us…out! Boost your immune system by dusting off your runners, going for a jog, or phoning a friend for a chat. Working out those feelings is a big part of being a healthy person.

It's for the kids, too

If you know any kids, this is for them, too! One practical way to keep kids healthy this winter is to help them name the feelings that rise up in them each day. Then be sure to help them see those feelings all the way through. Being told not to feel certain emotions, or being told that their feelings are wrong, only drives those emotions deep, leaving them to come out sideways another day.

When we can help kids notice and identify why they feel angry, sad, peaceful, or even happy, we can help our kids build incredibly valuable life skills as well as contributing to keeping their immune systems strong and healthy.

So when you’re headed out the door this winter, remember to dress well, keep those kidneys warm and...oh! Don’t forget to talk about your feelings. It’ll do you and your family worlds of good!

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