Spring time = liver season

Can you locate your liver? No really. Go ahead and place your hand on your liver. If you hand is in front, sitting on your right lower ribcage—bingo! You found it! That’s your liver.

According to Chinese Medicine, anger is the emotion that is stored in the liver. The liver has so many functions that there's not time or space to speak of them all here. So let’s say it this way: the liver’s main function is to detoxify the body. It does this in many different ways, one way is through making bile, which ensures healthy digestion. Another way the liver detoxifies is by maintaining a balance of hormones; deciding which ones get to stay and which ones must leave.

It’s pretty fascinating how the liver is so incredibly complex, yet so simple. It just cleans things out, some things like hormones that can be pretty complicated!

So what does it mean if the liver is where the anger emotion is stored and the liver isn’t able to detoxify properly....? Uh-oh. Houston, we’ve got a problem.

Feeling easily irritable?

Seen any road rage lately? In springtime we might find ourselves more easily irritated by small things that wouldn’t normally bother us. Our co-workers, friends, or kids might be more likely to fly-of-the-handle or throw a fit about the slightest thing. This could be a sign that the liver is feeling a little stuck and needs extra support to do it’s job properly.

Our advice? Tuck this springtime nugget of knowledge into your back pocket and walk bravely out into the world. You’ll probably need some extra patience with your kids, with the grocery clerk, and with yourself this time of year. And don’t forget to take a deep breath. You might need a couple, actually.

In the meantime, try putting a warm pack over your liver when you get a moment to sit down and relax. This will increase the blood flow to the liver helping it to heal and detoxify itself more swiftly. Hop over to this article for suggestions on spring foods to eat that will keep your liver functioning properly.

And don’t forget! We’re here at the clinic to help find that extra support your body might need this time of year.

We know you'll be driving nicely. Just watch out for those other drivers!