Winter sinus cold getting you down? 

Looking for something to help loosen congestion? Relieve sinus pressure? Want to chase away pain in your nose or around your eyes? Onion packs might just be the helpful solution you were looking for, especially if you’ve suffered, or are suffering, from pneumonia or bronchitis—this is definitely the way to go! The onions heal by opening pores, relieving congestion, and drawing mucous away from the lungs.

How to make an onion pack

What you need:

  • onions
  • some olive oil
  • cheesecloth / old cut-up t-shirt
  • a hot water bottle
  • a bath towel


Slice the onion and put it in the cheesecloth. (Or any other threadbare cloth, an old cut-up t-shirt or a worn washcloth can work well. Just make sure there aren’t any holes.)

Rub oil on your chest and place the cloth (onions tucked inside) on top of the oil. Lay the hot water bottle down next (filled with hot water, of course), and lay a towel over the whole thing.

Now all you need is time. Lots of time.

The longer you leave the onion pack on, the more good it does. We’re talkin’ hours. So grab a book, pop in a few movies, or tuck a few pillows around yourself or your child and cozy in for the night.