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A 52-year-old woman visited Hope Clinic with heavy sweats/hot flashes/fevers and chills during both day time and night time. She complained of being completely fatigued and felt absolutely no energy. She had been hurting all over (neck, back, shoulders, spine, hips) for years. Her ears hurt at night and she was having difficulty with constipation. She had been getting headaches for two years. She had also been very dizzy for last two months and had a long history of Meniere’s disease herself and for generations in her family. The patient also had a long history of anxiety. She was diagnosed with Lymes’ infection two months before and had been peri-menopausal for three years (cycling every 3 months).

We used our team approach at Hope Clinic for diagnosis and treatment. The patient was diagnosed with hypothyroidism due to spleen blood deficiency complicated by liver & heart blood deficiency heat, low grade kidney infection, liver congestion, and otolith malpositioning.

Treatment consisted of a natural care plan including nutritional supplements, Chinese herbal supplements, chiropractic adjustments, and specific therapeutic exercises.

I feel so much better about life in general and am very satisfied with the results from Hope Clinic.
— a grateful mid-lifer

Five months of decreasing care and supplementation has resulted in the complete absence of hot flashes, sweats, fevers, and chills. The patient now has “a lot of energy”, needs less sleep, and is able to do physical activities without exhaustion.

She has lost excess weight. Her vision is clearer and she has no dizziness whatsoever.

Her aches and pains are gone including her ear pain. She has regular easy stools, much less anxiety and no more headaches.