“Have you been dreaming lately?”

When you come into the clinic, this is a question Dr. Brad often asks you. Have you ever wondered why?

At night, when you are fast asleep and cozy in your bed, your brain is still hard at work sorting through all the things you experienced that day. It’s important for Dr. Brad to ask this because dreams can tell us quite a bit about how your young body is doing.

Dreaming is extremely important work for your brain.

You’re sleeping, but your brain is hard at work

If your dreams feel real, are extremely intense, and you can always remember them, then that tells us something is a bit out of balance in your organs. On the other hand, if you aren’t dreaming at all, then that tells me that’s something we need to pay attention to as well.

Scary dreams If you are having real-life scary dreams, something like a big wave that comes and washes you away or someone you love gets hurt, then that kind of dream tells us there may be an imbalance in your kidney system.

Dreams that make no sense If you are having dreams about strange events that are odd, nonsensical and don’t make any sense, then that tells us there may be an imbalance in your liver.

Reoccurring dreams If you are having reoccurring dreams about the same person or topic, then that’s usually a constitutional issue. Reoccurring dreams tell us that you have a quandary or a problem going on inside your body. This means that your body might need a little extra help to sort out that something that is unsettling. That’s when we would reach out for help from homeopathy or a trusted therapist.

Keep on dreaming

Regular dreaming is normal and very important for our brains when there is something new, uncomfortable or scary going on in our lives. It’s your brains way of working hard to process what’s going on and to help make these new things fit in your life.

By dreaming your brain is helping you to become more grounded and more peaceful in new circumstance and situations.

“Have you been dreaming lately?”

Now you know why Dr. Brad asks!

Be sure to mention your dreams to your parents. It might be something you want to mention to Dr. Brad next time you visit the clinic.

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