Tips for how to help your growing kids

As your kids head into their pre-teen or teenage years, you should begin to expect sudden overnight growth spurts. One day, your boy is that tall, then the next day, you blink and rub your eyes… how did he get to be THAT tall?? While achy leg and muscle pains may be common for growing kids, these growing pains certainly aren’t normal!

Hey kids! Leg aches and growing pains tell us your activity levels suddenly got higher than your body’s ability to repair itself. This is usually due to your nutritional status. When you begin to notice this pain, be sure to listen! It’s your body saying it needs extra support to build up your nutritional levels so it can properly support all the growing you're doing.

Rethink your midday snacks

Try this, next time you’re feeling hungry for a midday snack, skip the fruit or bread snack. Instead, go straight for a few bits of quality meat protein. We want to be sure that you are getting enough amino acids throughout the day to balance your blood sugar and support your kidney system. It’s your kidney system or “jing” which helps your body grow appropriately. A chicken breast or drumstick snack can make a world of difference when you’re going through a growth spurt.

Multivitamins might not be enough  

For most kids, what your body needs can ebb and flow from one day to the next. Today you might need extra potassium support; tomorrow you might need calcium. Every kid’s body experiences slightly different needs during a growth spurt. That’s why a simple multivitamin just won’t be enough for most kids during seasons of growth spurts.

To know what supplements and nutrients your body specifically needs as it grows and changes you may want to come in and visit Dr. Brad.

BOUNUS TIP: Your best bet for achy joints is Great Lakes gelatin. Check it out, we sell it right here at the clinic for you. Even better, ask an adult in your home to help you make gelatin snacks!