At Hope Clinic we are committed to helping you find the best natural health care for you and your family. That’s why we insist on working together with specialized natural practitioners from all across the greater Twin Cities.

What's the difference between finding medical practitioners and natural practitioners?

Choosing the right natural practitioner for your family is different than finding a good medical doctor. Western medical doctors across the board undergo the same standardized education and training before they can become doctors. Your choice of western medical practitioners usually comes down to personality and bedside manner.

The type and quality of care a natural practitioner will offer you can vary greatly depending on a practitioner’s specialty, experience, and education. Not only are you looking for a matching personality, but you're also searching for the capabilities and expertise to match your condition. So much to search for!

As you search for a natural practitioner, Dr. Brad says it makes perfect sense to go to six or even 10 different chiropractors, homeopaths, or acupuncturists before you find the best fit for you and your body’s needs. When you find the practitioner who works well with you, Dr. Brad recommends sticking with them like glue until they prove they are not the best fit anymore.

Don't be afraid of referrals

In the natural health care community, practitioners aren’t afraid to refer a patient to another trusted natural specialists. The specialists at Hope Clinic are always working hard to provide our patients with the best alternative health care options.