Feeling impatient, irritable, and overly annoyed lately? It’s ok and in fact, it’s pretty typical right now. According to Chinese Medicine, since spring time is in full swing that also means it's liver season. When we start feeling easily bothered this time of year, it’s a good sign that the liver could use a little extra help.

Experienced any road rage lately? Are you losing patience with your impatient loved one? We know just the thing to do—schedule an appointment to come see Dr. Brad. You should never have to face the overly unruly people of springtime liver season alone.

BONUS TIP (for your liver).

With your Dr. Brad appointment on the calendar, here’s a great trick to start cleansing your liver right now. Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 12 oz glass of apple juice. Mix together. Drink it down. A little tart for you, but oh-so-tasty for your liver!