Remember how we talked about Sue Falls and Chill-Out Charlie? They are the new kids that just blew into our organ systems park, our fall season. So busy!! They head full-on right to the tube-slide (the large intestine); climbing up and crawling around. (Oh, the nausea and tummy problems!) And sheesh...the busyness on the swing sets (our lungs,) climbing on the seats two at a time and not given us a nice deep breath.

If you missed this overview of what we mean by organ system seasons, check that out here.

Fall, this is a tricky time. And it is a time for the body to clear both the lungs and large intestine. 

As for the transition to fall; it can feel common to burn the candle at both ends. With school in full swing, schedule changes, and more to think through. There is a tendency to feel overwhelmed or stressed out. We are adapting to cooler weather both emotionally and physically. Our environment is changing, our green landscapes are shifting and the leaves are turning. With change it’s normal to grieve. 

Basically, things around you are changing. Your body is clearing. This affects the body, emotions and mind. 


  • brain fog, trouble focusing

  • digestive issues, constipation and nausea

  • stress/irritability

  • a flow of new ideas (can be invigorating, but that too can cause stress)

  • skin rashes/eruptions

  • chronic runny nose, sinus issues

  • chronic cough

  • headaches

  • sweet cravings

  • being busy, cutting corners with overall healthy eating habits 

  • constant crying

  • feelings of grief, loss or sadness

This season can be tricky to get the care you need. It can be confusing to many of us practitioners since the Lung/Large Intestine Organ Systems can be having trouble clearing appropriately, this can appear to look like liver, heart, or emotional problems. 

This is one of the reasons why people fall through the cracks in the healthcare system or take a long time to heal. Their practitioner may be treating the person for a liver, heart, or emotional condition not realizing that those systems are just backed up this time of year. 

Getting to root causes and understanding the impact of the current seasons impact on the body is key to providing people with the care they need.

Another way of providing care is helping people best help themselves.  


Ok, first of all, permission for you to take or leave the following tips. 

If you are currently feeling like it’s all too much—physically or emotionally—know you are not alone. You are welcome to peruse the tips below (or not). One may catch your eye and resonate, even one or two can help boost things a bit. 

If any tip right now is just overwhelming, creating stress, and feeling more like another “to do,” that is okay. Take a breather, skip all the reading below, and get in for care to get some specific support and direction for your current symptoms and overall care. 


  • Support the grief that rises. We want to remember to feel our feelings, and practice that the best we can. Allow the tears to come.

  • Have compassion for ourselves and those around us. Be gentle, take breaks. Push something out further on the to-do list. Giving yourself a better pace that is manageable.

  • This is a good time for journaling or finding ways to clear our thoughts and feelings. 

  • Finding appropriate support (like a good friend, support group, or therapist)

  • Notice where you hold feelings in your body. Sit with that tension or weight and just be aware. There is nothing you need to “do” just sit with it and then shift into taking your next action. This is a way to help the body process and move on. 

  • Practice stopping and doing some deep breathing, intentionally let yourself sigh

  • Get outside regularly

  • Move in ways to get yourself a bit out of breath at least once per day


  • Although we don’t recommend long term fasting, this is a good time to give the intestinal tract a break by intermittent fasting—not eating for 16 hours of the day. This could look like “breaking” fast at 10am and ending eating by 6pm, or fasting solid food one day per week.  

  • Increasing fiber intake, you could try either

    • 1/2 tsp psyllium husk powder (whole foods or nutritional store) twice per day 

    • 2 scoops of Fiberwise (by Melaleuca, available at the clinc) each evening

  • Doing an actual colon flush (yes, like before a colonoscopy) 

  • Flushing juice for a day or two (spinach and grapes with added water can work well, just remember the point is to have some loose stools)

  • And water, water, water.


We hope you can see the good and feel empowered with some direction. Clearing out emotions; these are good life-long skills and ways of being! And the clearing of the large intestine helps with overall support and healing for the whole body. Both lead to a feeling of relief and clearer thinking and emotional balance. 

And… drumroll, we get to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes around us.          


Dr. Brad is the practitioner with the training and experience to refer appropriately in the multi-health disciplines we offer in-house as well his referral base in the metro area. His sweet spot is not only offering his expertise but also referring appropriately to get you the care you need. 

  • Dr. Brad is well versed with what is happening in this season, give us a call to get in. 
If new to Dr. Brad, the first required step is to attend the Hope Class. 

  • Keep Wells in mind for acupuncture, or an herbal consultation. Get specific herbs made just for you to help clear both the mind and large intestine. 
Wells does not have a class, you can just call to schedule a new patient appointment and get on the books.

  • Sue is an asset for processing emotions and either getting started on a remedy or discovering a deeper understanding of yourself and your constitution. 
Sue has a class and it is an option to get started with her care. It allows for a $60 discount on your first visit.

  • Dr. Ethan is a great support with NET to help you clear emotions in both the brain and body.
 Dr. Ethan has his Total Wellness Workshop, it is optional to begin under his care. It allows for a $166 discount on your first visit. 

WANT TO GET STARTED? Attend the hope class!