Jack: The leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees! It must be fall!

Brooke: Dr. Brad says that fall is also a time our body gets ready for winter. In Chinese medicine this is the time of year our lungs and large intestine want to clean out before it gets cold. So, breathing deeply and cleaning out our large intestine every day is very important. That’s what he said anyway.

Jack: Did he mean going to the bathroom?

Brooke: Yeah....you get the drift.

Brooke: I remember he also said that when we suck air into our lungs about 20% of that air is oxygen. We can get even more oxygen when we breathe around trees and water, so getting outside everyday to run and play is really a good idea!

Jack: Yeah! I love playing outside!

Brooke: Did you know that oxygen is transported through the lining of our lungs into our blood stream and attaches to iron in our red blood cells? This oxygen then goes out to our entire body through our arteries and brings oxygen to each and every cell in our body.

Jack: Cool!

Brooke: Oxygen burns up toxins and purifies the blood stream, and is key source of energy for the whole body.

Jack: Oh! Like when I burn wood in my firepit? The wood gets burned up and feeds the fire.

Brooke: OUR firepit! And yes.

Jack: Cool! (Giggle) We better run then!

Brooke: Me first!