Remember when...?

Remember when you were 25 years old and couldn’t wait to get done with work because there were so many things you wanted to do? Like heading to the gym, lifting weights with the fellas, jumping on your bike, or throwing the frisbee in the park? But now, at the ripe age of 40, heading out for a run after work is the last thing you’re worried about.

So what’s changed?

When we hit 40 years old, certain things in our bodies do begin shifting. (See? It wasn’t just your imagination)  For instance, it’s around 40 when a person’s energy and activity levels start to drop. Testosterone levels begin to lower in both men and women as our adrenal glands become less eager to perform. Growth hormones that once made us feel young and energized are now declining.

Let’s be honest, change can be hard, but it’s no reason to get discouraged or down on your body! If you’ve reached the wise years of 40+, this means you’ve entered a new phase of life when we all get to learn how to care for our bodies in a new way.

Caring for your 40+-year-old body

Regular exercise was just as important in our 20s as it is now in our 40s. But now, with a few more years under the belt, finding the energy to actually get to the gym can be more difficult. Dr. Brad suggests trying 1-3 Ginseng Endurance or 1-3 Endurabolic 30 minutes before your workout for a little pre-exercise boost of energy. Both formulas have proven to encourage athletic performance by increasing oxygen in the blood stream which then improves your stamina. Nice!

The best time to replenish your energy is right after working out. You just put in good time and effort to exercise, so why not take a few moments and give your body the little extra boost it needs? To keep your energy up as much as possible after exercising try following a few Dr. Brad post-workout suggestions to re-energize and renew your body.

  • Eat. The best time for your body to receive food is within 20 minutes after working out. The standard recommendation is 20 grams of protein post workout. Dr. Brad suggests it’s best to munch on some quality unprocessed meat.
  • Repair your muscles. Take 1,000mg Ultrapotent C and 1-2 tablespoons of Porcine Nutritional Gelatin after your workout to help repair your muscles. Nutritional Gelatin is the purest form of protein to repair your muscles and joints.  Ultrapotent C helps your body change the gelatin into its most potent form.
  • Replenish your cells. Take 1-3 Mitochondrial Resuscitate after your workout to replenish the fuel your cells need for energy. Think of it like gasoline for the car, if you don’t have it, your body just won’t run properly.
  • Build your heart. People often forget that the heart is a muscle too and should be treated as one. By taking 6 Myoplus after your workout, you won’t have to worry about overworking your heart. Myoplus has many nutrients necessary to your heart and other muscles including naturally occurring CoQ10.

And remember, when you set out to exercise, it’s not a race. Make sure to allow yourself time to get to the exercise level where you want to be. Our energy store isn’t quite as large as it was in our younger days. So work hard, but be kind to those 40 years.

Let’s be honest. Change is hard, but it's not impossible.

Wondering which extra supplements and vitamins are best for your body post workout? Call the clinic and book your appoint to ask Dr. Brad what’s best for you.


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