Go give your brain a workout

When was the last time you tried a new sport, ate at a new restaurant, discussed politics with your in-laws? It’s been quite some time, you say? Activities like these might just be one of the healthiest ways you can care for that really important organ, your brain.

It’s really not fair, but the brain often gets overlooked as being apart of the organ family. But hey, since you’ve now remembered that your brain is an organ, you might as well start caring for it today! And guess what, it might not be as hard as you think.

Ways you can care for your beautiful brain

Glucose is an absolute necessity for brain energy. The best sources of glucose come from fats and proteins which our bodies are experts at producing. The key for the brain is to get regular energy.

We should all be caring for our brains through movement, which means both physical and mental exercise.

For healthy brains we need regular, daily exercise. Take your brain for a walk around a lake or take your brain to the gym. Fun, right? Daily, physical activities and movements are incredibly important to keep that regular glucose level in the brain.

Also, our brains need mental exercise, too. Best way to keep an active mind while maintaining a strong memory is to learn something new, have a discussion with someone you might disagree with, or read a book you’d never normally pick up. Ever thought that engaging with people who think and live a bit differently than you might just be the healthiest thing you’ve done in months?

So next time, when you see grandparents dancing with their grandkids, or a cowboy learning yoga, or a vegetarian eating a hamburger...stop them.

Give them a high-five, and ask to join in. 

Who knew having an open mind was so important for brain health? Now, stop staring at the computer screen and get out there!