How to make garlic oil remedy for ear infections

First, mince fresh garlic into a glass container (old dropper bottles always work well). Fill the container ¾ full of garlic. Next, add just enough olive oil to fully cover the garlic in the bottle.

Allow the garlic mixture to stand at room temperature for 4-8 hours before using it. The mixture is usable after just two hours, but the mixture will get stronger the longer you let it stand.

Always, always apply the liquid when it’s warm. To warm up the liquid, heat some water on the stove, and then allow the dropper bottle to sit in the warmed water. Once it’s warm, squirt a dropper full into each ear. Grab a cotton ball and cover the ear to keep the excess mixture inside the ear.

Even if the infection is just in one ear, go ahead and put the garlic mixture in both ears. This will help the mucus membrane work together to heal.

When you are finished applying the garlic mixture, cover and refrigerate to use later.

BONUS TIP: Ears and kidneys like all things warm, so remember never, ever put anything cold in the ears.