Dr. Brad’s advice on how to stay young at any age

If you’ve been around Hope Clinic for any length of time, then it’s safe to assume you know that drinking lots and lots of every water (“Room temperature, please!”) is essential for your body’s health. You probably also know about these essential remedies for winter colds/

But have you ever heard Dr. Brad share his best advice for how to stay young? Here’s your chance! 

1. Playing

No matter how healthy your physical body is, it’s your emotional state that keeps you young. The number one thing you can do to stay young is to take time in your daily life to play. And the very best way to learn how to play is to be with kids. If your busy life—packed full of to-do lists and things to achieve—has made you forgot how to play, kids can reteach you. 

If you watch kids play, they push themselves a little bit farther every time. They naturally gravitate towards trying something new. Similarly, adults need to play this way as well. Head out to the park to fly a kite or climb to the very top of the jungle gym and hang upside down by your legs. Push yourself to try something new. See how far you can go. Just don't forget to play!

Please note: To the tired and exhausted parents, please know, you can’t play all the time. Yes, you absolutely need breaks from playing with your kids. Try being intentional about your all-in play time and your much-needed break time.

2. Fantasying 

Our brains need a certain amount of time to take a break from our daily reality. Life can often be intense and fast paced. This is why it’s so important to intentionally read and watch things that aren’t so heavy. 

A great way to practice fantasying is to read a children’s book that tells a story of something outside what you have in your normal life. Watch or read something that ignites your imagination about a different country, an animal you’ve never heard of, or life in another galaxy. To really give your brain a rest, find ways to imagine a reality different from your own. 

Your brain will be thankful for a break. 

3. Staying active

This might sound obvious, but it really can be this simple: do things that are fun. Laughing and doing an activity is one of the healthiest things you can do for your overall health. An activity plus laughter can change your whole body chemistry.

Now, some of us will have to work a little harder at this than others, but don’t be discouraged. The more you practice something, the easier and more natural it becomes. Just remember, having fun and laughing can be a gift to your entire body.