Radiation is all around us

It's true, radiation is all around us. Your exposed right now actually, because chances are, you're reading this article on your favorite electronic device. And chances are, you’ve interacted with your cell phone in the last few minutes. (Isn’t it right there, sitting next to you?)

When we talk about skin cancer people, often like to scold the sun as the nasty culprit hurting our skin. But as we’ve been discussing here lately, while too much sun can be harmful for our skin, our bodies crave nutrients that can only be received through sunlight.

So where else does this other radiation come from?

Our daily environments can offer a rather large dose of radiation through continual interaction with all things electronic. This amount of daily radiation exposure has the potential to bring harm on our bodies.

Here's a real-life example: A patient, struggling with skin cancer came to see how Dr. Brad could help her. Through muscle testing, Dr. Brad discovered her body was fighting large amounts of radiation. Turns out, this woman sat at her desk all day with a computer right next to her leg. After Dr. Brad suggested that she move the computer tower further away from her body, her skin cancer was gone in a few weeks.

What can you do about your daily environment?

The truth is, for most of us, in our daily environments radiation is all around us. We are still discovering the health effects we will face in the coming years because of our constant interaction with so many electronic devices.

So, instead of pointing a finger at the sun as the sole cause of skin cancer, what if we build our bodies so they can function at their best while focusing on what we can control:

  • our diet,
  • our use and proximity to electronics during the day as well as during our sleep,
  • monitoring our sun exposure,
  • a bit daily exercise, yep daily.

If you have more tips or questions about how to best build your body against the negatives effects of radiation, feel free to leave a comment below.