Whether we’re talking about adult or child bed wetting, the number one cause is a kidney deficiency. 

You read that right. Bed wetting is most commonly a result of a weak kidney system.

Unfortunately, your kidneys can often be the very last thing a western doctor will think of. That’s because American doctors receive very little training in Chinese medicine. And it’s Chinese medicine that teaches us all about the kidneys and the incredibly vital role they play in our bodies. And how effective helping them can be at keeping us from wetting the bed. 


You’ve probably heard people say that boys are harder to potty train and can struggle with bed wetting well into their elementary years. But why is bed wetting more common for boys? 

Chinese medicine teaches us that boys need more kidney yang than girls. It’s not uncommon for a pregnant woman to have a kidney deficiency and then birth a baby with a weak kidney system as well. This can be especially common in a cold climate like Minnesota—all the more reason to keep your kidney’s warm during the autumn and winter months.

If you take a look around a playground, you might notice that it can be difficult to be a little boy in today’s world. Boys now are generally taught to be quiet, to not fight, to be nice, and to not wrestle. More and more boys are growing up exposed to estrogen-like factors in their environments including both foods and cleaning products. All of these things can take a toll on a young boy’s kidney system which can play out in wetting the bed. 

Boys can also struggle more with attention issues because they don’t have a strong balance of kidney yin and yang to anchor them down. 


Another common factor in adult or child bed wetting is emotional. The question we would want to ask is: what’s the thing that could be causing you (adult or child) to dream too deeply and block the brain from kicking in to wake you up when your bladder is full?

If you do have a weak kidney system, then your kidneys aren’t strong enough to hold the urine up. If you have a kidney deficiency, then the urine tends to go right through the kidneys and overload the bladder. You can see an example of this idea after drinking a lot of coffee as coffee can temporarily weaken the kidney “suction”.

The good news is: natural care can help support your kidneys.


If a kidney deficiency is something that comes up during your visit to the clinic, we can use whole food and herbal supplements—and even homeopathics—to strengthen your kidney system.

If bed wetting is something you or someone you love struggles with, come visit our next Hope Class to learn more about how natural care can help support your body.