Did you know there’s more to avoiding acne than cleansing the surface of your skin? It actually starts below the surface—way below. In your liver!

What’s Happening?

It’s the liver’s job to clear all the extra hormones from your body. But if your liver is weak, or there are too many hormones flying around (more than your liver can handle), your body needs to find a new way to get rid of the excess. One way is to push those hormones out through the skin.

The oils normally excreted by your skin begin to carry the extra hormones, now toxins, to the surface of your body. The toxins in the oils allow bacterial growth, which leads to…yes. Acne.

Why Is It Happening?

Have you checked in with your liver lately to see how things are running down there? If not, any number of things can cause a weakened liver or an increase in hormones.

Extra sugar (darn!), trans fats in your foods, or a simple lack of nutrients can wipe out your liver…time to cleanse and strengthen that overworked organ!

Emotional stress, puberty, and, of course (if you’re a woman) your menstrual cycle mean a rise in hormone levels. Time to help your liver process the excess.

What Can Be Done?

Good news—there are many ways to attack acne.

Simplifying your diet by avoiding artificial ingredients, processed foods, sugars, dairy, and fried foods can by helpful. Eating foods like broccoli, brussel sprouts, and kale can also be helpful. Juicing them is even better.

Drinking lots of water is good, too. Ideally, about 16 ounces of room temperature water about 30 minutes before each meal. Yum.

Finding a good esthetician for a facial now-and-then for a good cleaning is a good idea. Bring in the products you use, (there are so many harsh products out there!) and ask questions about your daily routine—something could be causing irritation or overdrying your skin—contributing to the problem.

For the inside of your body, there are also some very effective supplement and herbal formulas available that will give your liver the extra support it might need. Come visit Hope Clinic and we will try to help find the supplements and herbs that best fit you—while caring for that acne.

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