There's hope for that unbearable cough

Last time you got the cough, how did you pass the nights? Did you endure the rib-shattering coughing fits or did you slide down a little cough syrup? Have you ever wondered how that cough syrup magically coats your throat to keep the coughing at a minimum?

Most cough medications bought over the counter only suppress the cough, which subsequently allows our bodies to drive the illness deeper inside. Unfortunately, these cough medicines work against our lungs and typically weaken them. Many cough medications in the past have been changed or taken off the shelf completely because they are believed to cause illnesses like pneumonia or even strokes.

So, instead of the cough syrups solving and treating our illness, they only suppress and bury the problem.


But guess what? There’s another option. Have you ever heard of Fritillaria & Pinellia?

Fritillaria & Pinellia is a Chinese herbal formula that is proven to break up phlegm while it opens up and clears any inflammation from the lungs.

With this kind of cough syrup, the lungs are empowered to heal and help the body literally “cough out” the illness inside. After using Fritillaria & Pinellia, most people will benefit by actually having stronger lungs. Be sure to drink plenty of water and call us if your cough isn't resolving with a few days. 

Stop by the Hope Clinic today to pick up a bottle of Fritillaria & Pinellia.

It’s safe to share with your kids, your grandma, or your best friend. So share as you will.